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Workers' Compensation Retrospective Rating Program

Over $5.8 Million Refunded to 232 Members!

First and foremost, the goal of WFIA’s Group Retro Program services is to reduce the workers’ compensation premiums you pay to L&I. This can’t be done by the push of a button. Many factors go into reducing the premiums your firm pays to L&I. We specialize in administering workers' compensation Retrospective Rating (Retro) programs and have more experience than any other company in the state. However, through WFIA’s strategic mix of services, members will be on the road to reduced workers’ compensation premiums. Members of WFIA’s program pays an average of 15% less than other non-retro industry businesses. We proudly work with ERNwest to provide an effective and efficient workers' compensation program for our members.

WFIA Group Retro Program Members Receive:

  • Claims Management
  • Safety/Loss Control
  • Legal Service
  • Training
  • Communication
  • NEW DOSH Citation Support
    • Call ERNwest immediately if you are being inspected.

    • If feasible a Safety and Loss Control Manager will come to your location or be available by phone for support and to answer any questions you many have at that time.

    • A Safety and Loss Control Manager will analyze the citation and will appeal on your behalf if it is determined the citation can be reduced or removed.

    • We will represent you at the resumption hearing.

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