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I-1634: Yes! To Affordable Groceries

26 Sep 2018 7:05 AM | Melissa Burgess (Administrator)

Washington Food Industry Association is supporting the Yes! To Affordable Groceries initiative campaign currently underway.

Organizers need to collect 259,622 signatures of registered state voters by July 6, 2018 to place Initiative 1634 on the November ballot.

The initiative would cap existing local taxes on groceries at their current rate and would not end or reverse existing revenue streams that have already been passed by local governments. A tax on food is regressive and hits the poorest food customers the hardest. Although the initiative will not reverse any existing revenue streams for cities and towns, we need to look at the most recent tax on sugared drinks recently enacted in Seattle. The people of Seattle and the local businesses in Seattle are struggling with this tax because the tax turned out to be far more excessive than anticipated. Prices have skyrocketed, and families who live paycheck to paycheck are being hit the hardest. There is a better way to handle budget issues cities and counties face than targeting grocery items for more taxes. WFIA urges our members and others to sign I-1634 to get it on the November ballot. Click here for more information and updates.

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